Iowa City September Night Noises Free Download.

About a week ago I liked the sounds I was hearing on the back porch of our hose, so I set my Tascam DR-05 out on the porch to capture a few minutes of sound.
Then I forgot about it. The next morning I went out and the recorder had turn itself off, but it had captured 3 solid hours of sound. The sound is primarily that of insects, tree frogs, and the occasional bird, combined with the drone of Interstate 80 which is about a half mile away as the crow flies.

I’m going to try and play the whole thing at work tomorrow, because it’s a good way to drown out office noise, and I think living with environmental sound like this — especially when one’s attention is focused, e.g. on refactoring C++ template classes — allows it to go into your brain bypassing conscious critique. Maybe you can try it too. It’s like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Without the bucket, or the ice, and you don’t have to donate money to any worthy cause.
[audio:|titles=Night Sounds, Iowa City, September 2014,artists=chaircrusher]


Past Shock – Chaircrusher Live 1996

My friend David Talento was trying to organize his studio and found some cassettes I’d sent him in the 1990s. The real find was what may be the last remaining copy of tracks by Jason Welch, local rave promoter and sometime musician. But I’ll deal with that stuff later.

One of the other things is a recording of a live set I did in 1996 (I believe) at the Great Midwestern Ice Cream Company (what is now Moonrakers restaurant). In those days I pretty much dragged my whole studio out to play live — a Roland Jupiter 6, Casio CZ-1, Roland TR707, a home-made plywood rack of gear, a desktop computer and CRT.

I don’t even remember most of the stuff I played, or even how I played it — I suspect I was using Opcode Vision and a Turtle Beach Pinnacle card as a sampler. Vision had a facility something like Ableton Live’s clips — you could trigger chunks of midi sequences live. The beginning of the set sounds a bit like Drexciya. Anyway it isn’t bad, and interesting to hear it as a time capsule from 16 years ago.

[audio:|titles=Live @ Great Midwestern|artists=Chaircrusher]

Bonus, David put up a remix I did for him around this time on Bandcamp:

2011-04-02 KRUI DJ Set

Special Afternoon edition during the Mision Creek Festival. This was in the basement of Public Space one, standing at a cramped counter with crap monitors. I didn’t have a lot of new tracks to drop, so I let each one ride longer than I usually do in the mix, and I think they’re worth it — particularly the Rick Wilhite and Virgo Four joints. The other things I played might overlap a bit with previous mixes, but I hope this his its own flavor…

PTA African Shufle
Mount Kimbie Before I Move Off
Radiohead Separator
Rick Wilhite City Bar Dancing (Basement Mix)
Gene Hunt & Ron Hardy Indiana
Virgo Four Sexual Behavior
Virgo Four Let The Music Play
Cosmin TRG Separat
Cosmin TRG Izolat
Pangaea Inna Daze
Shackleton Deadman
Shackleton Deadman (The Bug Crackle Mix)
Pangaea Won’t Hurt
Instra:Mental & DBridge Detuned Heart
LHF Candy Rain
Sully Trackside
Chaircrusher Hallucinogens In The Nescafe
Sepalcure Your Love
The Others Vertigo 909
Kito LFO
RadioHead Morning Mr. Magpie
Orphan 101 Disemble
Roof Light All Day Breakfast
Kryptic Minds Rubberman
TMSV Signal
Freeze LX/One SP/MC Youngsta Unidentified
Pinch The Boxer
Ramadanman Pitter
Truth + Dutty Ranks Worlds Apart
Throwing Snow Cronos
Synkro Just Say

2011-02-12 KRUI DJ Set

This set was driven by a trip to Dave’s Records in Chicago, where I crouched on the floor going through the used $1 Dance Records. I also did what I usually do, which is look through a section of floor to ceiling shelves of records in my office I haven’t visited lately.

[audio:|artists=Chaircrusher|titles=2011-02-12 KRUI DJ Mix]
Clandestine Featuring Ned Sublette Radio Rhythm (S-I-G-N-A-L S-M-A-R-T) (Extra Cheese Mix)
Judy Cheeks Mellow Love
Isley Brothers I Wanna Be With You (Parts 1 & 2)
Skyy Let Love Shine (Instrumental)
Dinosaur L Go Bang (Walter Gibbons Mix)
McFadden & Whitehead Ain’t No Stopping Us Now
Mavis Staples Jaguar
Sax Give Yourself To Me (deep house mix)
Royal House Yeah Buddy
Dan Curtin Journey’s In Motion
Mark Rogers Us
2 In A Room Take Me Away
Debby Harry Feel The Spin
Ten City That’s The Way Love Is
Perkowitz Nectar
Roy Davis Jr. About Love (Jon Marsh “All About” Vocal Mix)
Moodyman People
Africanism Call It Jungle Jazz
John Beltran Your Colors (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Roy Ayers/Kerri Chandler Good Vibrations (Kerri’s Mad Mix)
Michael Jackson Do You Remember The Time (Silky Soul Mix)
Janet Jackson Control
Omar S Columns
Kraftwerk AĆ©ro Dynamik


2010-12-04 KRUI DJ Set

[audio:|titles=2010-12-05-KRUI DJ Set|artists=Chaircrusher]
I usually have a track listing, but I left it at the studio last night, so you’re going to have to be surprised. Various 80s dance pop obscurities and hits, some house and a lot of Detroit techno, ending up with the Afx remix of 808 State’s “Flow Coma”

What I write when I’m not posting here.

I didn’t post very often in the past month on this blog. As it happens, most of my writerly energies were being devoted to the Little Village Magazine blog and magazine. I wrote a couple of lengthy (for me) posts there that some who read this blog might find interesting:

I rant about recent changes to Iowa City
A multimedia extravaganza with sound and pictures of a show by some of my local favorite bands.
Grupo Fantasma show report, with audio of their complete set.
My review of the heartbreakingly adorable Tin Kite
My chin-stroker essay on the two classic 1970 Grateful Dead albums

I’ve done a bunch of other writing — some reviews, some A&E event previews — but those are the articles I’ve put the most work into lately…

Bomb Squad Live @ Yacht Club 2010-04-01 – High Speed Hosting

[audio:|artists=The Bomb Squad|titles=Live At The Yacht Club 2010-04-01]

The Bomb Squad made history in Iowa City, using the bully pulpit of their fame to bust the dubstep cherry of a couple hundred sweaty nutters in the Yacht Club’s brick-lined basement. They tweeted a link to a Mediafire download link, but I hate Mediafire, so I’m hosting it on

I’d love to see a track listing of this mix, but as far as I know that’s not how the Bomb Squad rolls. Also, if you were at the show, you’ll notice Keith’s hyping on the mic wasn’t part of the set recording…

My mini-live-set @ Dawn’s 2010-04-03

As Greg Davis pointed out to me last night, making music with just sine tones isn’t an original idea. But for me, the simple setup of 4 sine wave synths in Ableton Live, set up such that I could jam out live felt really good. In the context of live music in 2010 I’d have to say I heard a lot more raw sawtooths and white noise than sine waves. The purity of sine tones is seductive to me. Sines are a mathematic abstraction, a Platonic ideal, that you can perceive with your senses.

[audio:|titles=Live At Dawn’s 2010-04-02|artists=Chaircrusher]
This was my original study for this project:
[audio:|titles=Sine Study 2010-01-23|artists=chaircrusher]

I originally was going to record the set in Live –i.e. record MIDI and fader actions, but instead I captured the performance along with room sound using my Zoom H4. Not to get all po-mo, but the people blabbing, cracking open beers, the dodgy PA, and even the sound of ventilation system give what I did a texture the ‘pure’ recording would never have had. There’s a moment about 3 minutes in that I love, where my friend John Schlotfelt shushed the audience. Apparently a fair number of people hadn’t recognized that a performance had begun. That I was cross-legged on the floor, facing the wall, might have had something to do that, but honestly, it would have been just fine with me if they’d carried on chatting all the way through.

Dawn's Back Room
Dawn's Back Room, Matt Steele & Stephanie on left, Zoom H4 on right

I’m playing Friday at Dawn’s for Mission Creek Festival #mcic

If you’re in Iowa City, and you like FREE music, with FREE food and FREE drinks, I’ll be playing this Friday at Dawn’s @ Dusk

In a week with a lot of sweet shows, these will be very interesting — the concept is every live set is 10 minutes long, so 12 artists in 2 hours. With food and drinks. For free.

Those who don’t like FREE can find somewhere else to pay to chill.

I will be performing a live, improvised set consisting entirely of sine waves. I’ve wanted to do this for years, and I’ve boiled it down to an amazingly simple setup, involving very little staring at the computer. Mostly Akai LPD8 to choose record channels and trigger clips, keyboard to play the notes. I use the computer keyboard to turn off clips and change scenes in live.

A 10 minute set of this is a perfect length. Any longer and unless I’m the reincarnation of Eric Fucking Satie, it will wear out its welcome.

Anti-Health Care Reform Protesters — Photo-essay

Posted this morning to the Little Village Blog
My favorite sign — inexpertly enhanced in The Gimp:

I spoke to them briefly — apparently the man knew me but for the life of me I couldn’t remember who he was — sorry dude! They were responding in character when people asked them about their sign: “Um, he’s sick. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.”

They said one man asked them about the sign and his response was “my wife has cancer.”

Sam Locke-Ward & Kate Kane – Live @ Java House 2010-01-29

The Java House has been branching out into having more live performances of late, and a week after a wonderfully raucous show at the Mill, Kate (of Lipstick Homicide & Boo Hoos) and Sam (of Miracles of God & SLW & the Boo Hoos) did an acoustic show. Pictures by the lovely and talented Barefoot Adrianne
[audio:2010-01-29 Kate Kane.mp3] Kate Kane.mp3

Kate Kane
Kate Kane

[audio:2010-01-29 Sam Locke-Ward.mp3] Sam Locke-Ward.mp3
Sam Locke-Ward
Sam Locke-Ward