Mountain Man Mountain

I see people all the time at the Hospital that for one reason or another are memorable. This guy was impressive — he was a big dude with a biker ponytail and beard, easily 6’5″ & you can’t really see it in the crappy camera phone, but he’s got a bluetooth earpiece in — which was the incongruous detail that appealed to me the most.

Clip Art Fail

So the brother of a friend of ours was killed in an auto accident yesterday morning. This is awful, but the local paper in his area thought the article on their web site needed head on collision CLIP ART as an illustration. What the fucking fuck?

Which made me curious. Is there tragedy clip art for the busy editor on the go? Is there, for example, genocide clip art? Turns out there are stock photos from various genocides, but what came up as the top Google Search result was just so bad I had to share:

This is obviously one of those sites who play tricks to show up at the top of Google search results, but maybe they should rethink this strategy.

Long lost photographs

About 5 years ago, I made a backup of the web stuff I’d had sitting around on a server at work, and promptly lost track of it. The other day I found the DVD-R, loose, in the furnace room on the floor. When it comes to backups and filing I’m the fucking king.

Be that as it may, I’ve started pushing all the photos up on Flickr. A couple of my favorites:

Abstract Expressionist Dumpster
Abstract Expressionist Dumpster

And from this set which I believe is from NYE 2004 when Terrence Parker played in Iowa City. This is my friend Africa, who was in rare form that night.

Africa, under the influence of Terrence Parker
Africa, under the influence of Terrence Parker