missed photo-op: my blood spattered all over our kitchen.

I cut my finger cooking last night, and apparently found a nice juicy vein in the process. I was in the middle of something time critical, so when I couldn’t find a band-aid, I did the ol scotch tape + paper towel approximation* and went back to what I was doing until I could reach a good stopping point.

At said stopping point, I looked at my finger, and then the floor, and apparently unbeknownst to me, I’d been bleeding profusely, and there was blood all over the kitchen floor, counter & spattered down my pant leg. At that point, I changed pants and ran to the grocery store for some proper band-aids. Once I got enough pressure on it to stop the bleeding** I mopped up. The place looked like I’d slaughtered a goat, though I couldn’t have lost more than an ounce or so of blood.

*Way back when i worked construction, I worked with a guy who would bind up wounds with any semi-clean absorbent material and duct tape. This works surprisingly well, better sometimes than band-aids or gauze+tape dressings. I suppose it’s preferable to use sterile dressings, but in the real world, a reasonably healthy individual will rarely get an infection in a cut allowed to bleed freely for a few seconds, and then bound tight enough to slow the bleeding down to an ooze. That’s why your blood is at a positive pressure gradient with respect to the outside world — so it comes out instead of letting germs in.

**I have to have a pretty bad cut to consider stitches, having wasted my time and money a couple times with ER visits. If you can stop the bleeding and you can’t see bone, carefully applied clean dressings usually do just as well. My last ER visit about a cut involved a broken olive oil bottle and looked like an improvised mouth 3 inches wide. I drove myself to the hospital with my right hand wrapped in a bloody towel. Good times.

India, Land of … Insane Postal Service?

We wanted to ship a package to my son in India, where he’s doing a term abroad. Amazon says, “sure no problem, it can be there for his birthday, that will be $50.”

It didn’t arrive, and this was my entry into what seems to an American the surreal world of India. Let me enumerate.

1. Where he’s living, there are no street names, or street numbers. You send your mail to a particular post office in a city, and from there it’s identified just by the family name. So apparently mailmen (and DHL couriers) are good when they know the names of everyone and where they live, and fucking useless otherwise.

2. I called DHL and she said she’d contact the DHL office where the package is supposed to be delivered. She also gave me a local number for DHL. But phone #s in India are 10 digits — usually — and she only gave me an 8 digit number, with no indication of a city code. Given that the number of phones in India won’t fit in 8 digits, I don’t have high hopes that it will be very useful. Not only that I can go to the DHL India’s web site and it gives different numbers.

3. In a web-based sort of insanity, on the DHL page, the image where the phone #s are isn’t actually a normal image — it’s a flash application. And until you right click and zoom in, the text below the phone numbers is illegible.

Happy Birthday to Idiot Me

It’s my birthday, and I’ll be flying to Utah for a family reunion.

I turn 52 today. I did the math. Turns out I have been thinking I was 52 for the entire last year, for some reason. So this is the year I have a birthday, and stay the same age!

Crystal Cat Urine: YouTube Ads Punk Dan Deacon

I had an interesting talk a couple weeks ago with my brother about his job at Digg, and Diggs interaction with the people at Google. Without going into the industry gossip, the takeaway from the chat is that above all else, Google values algorithms. Their business model, the companies they’re interested in acquiring, is all built around two things: collecting data and doing interesting and lucrative things with that data.

Well, to paraphrase Robbie Burns, the best-laid algorithms o’ mice an ‘men gang aft agley.

Cette vidéo n'est pas sur les chats.
Cette vidéo n'est pas sur les chats.

Elli Et Jacno, The King & Queen Tinny French Synth Pop

Steelberry Clones posted about Elli Et Jacno’s “Main Dans la Main”, saying “I will never be 80’s synthpop nostalgic again.”

Which is sad, because “Main Dans la Main” is, I think, a clever pop song. Sure the arrangement is really wimpy, but I like Elli’s voice and style. Jacno looks like the guy who got kicked out of Kraftwerk for being too French.

I liked this song “Je T’aime Tant” as well — Elli preceded Lady Gaga by almost 30 years with the No-Pants style, and she’s cuter than Gaga as well.

UK Dance Music — running at Genres Per Minute

Having just had a conversation with Secret Agent Gel about new dance genres that are emerging in the UK … and I have to say I’m amazed at what goes on there. Dubstep, Grime, Funky, Bassline, ‘Wonky’, Donk (I want to call it ‘Donkey’) …

It’s kind of like virtual particles appearing in a vacuum — do genres and anti-genres pop into existence and then annihilate each other?

In which I confess my shameful love for some Progressive tracks

Exampla Gratia: Francois K’s remix of Coldplay’s “Talk”

I know how wrong, or “wrong” it is to like Progressive House tracks. But sometimes I can’t help myself. It’s almost as wrong as liking Coldplay. Liking a progressive remix of a Coldplay hit? I may lose my techno dude membership card. And yet, it’s freaking Francois K, and the man is a genius. I was on a tear on EBay a few years back buying anything he mixed or edited, and he obviously did some quick chop ups for cash, but you can’t deny his SEMINAL roll in dance music.

I’ll really be drummed out of the corps for loving this track too, but it’s a love that dare not speak it’s name. Plus the video is fucking funny:

7 movies 7

(luna/lunarator): MULHOLLAND DRIVE: Lesbian relationship is harmful.
(rich/winner): W.: Unspeakable disaster afflicts America. Then terrorists
(kent/oh.c’est.haut!): where are you getting those?
(kent/oh.c’est.haut!): what about the seventh seal?
(kent/oh.c’est.haut!): plague grips europe, things get grim for chess player
(luna/lunarator): leave it to kent to come up with some obscure movie that no
one’s ever heard of
(kent/oh.c’est.haut!): the seventh seal?
(kent/oh.c’est.haut!): the seventh seal is famous enough that the bill & ted’s
excellent adventure sequel is basically a satire of it.
(rich/winner): the seventh seal is a famous ingmar bergman movie or something
(rich/winner): i saw that
(lens/z8): agrd
(skye/ThAC0): its bergman???
(lens/z8): ive heard of and seen the 7th seal
(skye/ThAC0): thats the one where the final seal is executing the retarded kid
(lens/z8): the s7v7nth seal
(rich/winner): that’s the seventh sign
(skye/ThAC0): oh right sign
(kent/oh.c’est.haut!): yeah, and kevin spacey cuts off gwynneth paltrow’s head
(rich/winner): that’s seven

The Album Cover Meme.

Noise Addicts come up with a ‘name your band, name your album, choose a cover image’ meme.

1. Go to Wikipedia and hit “random” and the first article you get is the name of your band.
2. Go to “Random Quotations”. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page will be the title of your new album.
3. Go to Flickr and click on “Explore the Last Seven Days”. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

So here’s my album cover. Weirdly the random pic is of the Fort Kent Train Station: