Silly thought of the day…

One of my friends was talking about having to have fillings done in the Czech Republic removed and replaced, and said something about “Ghetto Czech Dentistry.”

I immediately thought of GhettoTech music, as championed by DJ Assault and DJ Godfather. What would ‘GhettoCzech’ be? Polkas with pornographic lyrics?

Come to think of it, polka music is 4/4 dance music, it would mix in great with Ghettotech.

DJ Assault & DJ Funk rockin the Accordion
DJ Assault & DJ Funk

Things to read in the Sunday Times

The New York Times has become an almost universal media punching bag for both the right and the left. But it doesn’t mean they don’t publish some of the best stories in any newspaper anywhere. I have my qualms about the paper — I think that they have never properly covered what I call vernacular art music* — if you don’t look at the Times, you’re missing out. This weekend, in the Arts section alone.

There are hours of recordings of Thelonius Monk working with arranger Hall Overton on the arrangements for his historic Town Hall concert. What could be more marvelous than that?

Renaldo Kuhler, a scientific illustrator, has spent more than 50 years creating and illustrating his own private world.

A documentary with philosophers talking philosophy, that I totally want to see. On my brother’s blog, he had a guest post from philosophy professor Jack Russell Weinstein, about his new radio show about philosophy. While I am fascinated by philosophy and philosophical questions, I have no patience for reading philosophy, so any time I’m able to hear philosophers speak in the vernacular, I love it.

*vernacular art music is any music that is outside both the commercial and academic music worlds. It comprises most popular electronic music, noise, acoustic music inspired by traditional folk, atypical rock, inspired amateurs. It’s where real people listen to real music.

Oh gratification, why are you not instant?

I decided, after getting some money on EBay, to buy Pluggo from Cycling74. Looking around I had two choices — $159 from AudioMidi or direct (and downloadable) from Cycling 74 for $199.

Since this was an impulse buy, I went with Cycling74. I paid a bit more, but I know people who work there, and sometimes you have to step up and represent, right? Plus, I thought I’d get to immediately play with it, since I was downloading.

Oops. They don’t just take your money and mail you an activation code, all automatic and computery — apparently someone at the office has to notice that you’ve paid, and then e-mail you your code. And, there’s like 4 or 5 people who work there, and no one’s in the office doing boring things like product activation on the weekend.

So I have to wait until Monday I guess to get all activated. Damn!

The Danse Society? Who knew?

I was browsing through some John Peel ‘Festive 50’ shows that I randomly downloaded and was captivated by a track he played in 1983 by the Danse Society.  I’d never heard of them,  but they are contemporaries of and fellow travelers with New Order, the Cure, etc

But they seem to be a missing link between a bunch of different styles — Punk, Goth, New Wave, and even U2 at their grindiest. But they seem to have their own thing going on — songs like “We’re So Happy” sounds like Blue Monday era New Order, if Ian Curtis still sang for them.

Seduction: The Society Collection – The Danse Society  at

I have been realizing for a while that there’s just too much great music in the world. I do my bit, but I can never even begin to listen to it all even once. Hell, I don’t have time to listen to all the music I already own.

JJ Fad Reunion

Reunions: JJ Fad Set To Get Supersonic All Over Again.

Maybe I’m old and crotchety but what really grabbed my ear back when hip hop was a new thing was that it was fun.  And few tracks were as fun as “Supersonic.”  In my circle of friends, “The S is for Super, The U is for Unique”  regularly comes up in conversation.

So yeah, I’m sure that JJ Fad in their 40s might not be cutting edge, but I’m hoping it will be fun.

Tres bizarre…

Livejournal user rape_blossom sure does know how to find them. Warning, a couple of candidates for

computer insanity

It’s no mystery that since I’ve had a computer at home for 25 years, and have been pursing music with the computer for at least 15 years, that I will have built up quite a collection of files.

And finally I’ve instituted a backup strategy beyond unjustified optimism — I’m using SyncToy to copy files to a backup external drive.

What I didn’t realize that beyond the 600 odd gigabytes of various things — a whole lot of mp3 and wav files, sample sets, etc — that there are almost 850,000 separate files. The initial sync — i.e. a bulk copy, in effect — took over 12 hours.

Considering that my first computer had 64k of RAM, and 2 280k floppies, this seemed insane to me, but there you have it.

Music I’m liking

Anything byMartyn. Like 2562, someone who isn’t interested in just cranking out cracks in a particular style because it’s an easy way to sell tracks. All of Martyn’s stuff so far is really thoughtful, deep, and funky.