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2562 “Love In Outer Space” — plus ├ža change …

2562 (aka Dave Huismans) is one of my ‘buy on sight’ artists. Between the dubstep he does as 2562 and his more techno-esque stuff as A Made Up Sound exhibit an adventurous spirit backed by a great feel for structure and dynamics.

But what struck me about “Love In Outer Space” is the choice of percussion and synth sounds, which are all from the classic Roland gear favored by Acid House and Techno artists going back 25 years, when Huismans would have been in diapers. This track is a mutated update on the sound pioneered by Larry Heard, as if Larry Heard was born 25 years later in South London. I don’t think he should go for old school sounds on every track but on this one it really works.