Old Spice — Best Ads on TV?

Harry Allen posted about this, but it’s too good not to share. This ad is the culmination of the barmy series of ads that started with Bruce Campbell singing “Hungry Like A Wolf.” Not only are the ads really funny, they are a mirror maze of masculine signifiers, parodies of masculine signifiers, and affirmations of masculine signifiers. They have a dreamlike quality I don’t see often in advertising, and they look like everyone involved in making the ads is having so much fun it’s hard not to join in.

And I was already a satisfied customer, because most everything else you can get at the supermarket smells like ass to me.

Quizno’s Conveyor Oven Outed As A Bottom

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at the pitch meeting for this ad campaign.

“OK — picture this. The oven talks.”
“Um, sure? What does it say?”
“It asks this sandwich chef to ‘put it in me'”
“Put what in it?”
“a foot long torpedo sandwich”
“Am I imagining things, or is this whole concept kind of gay?”
“It’s funny because it’s gay.”
“We sell sandwiches in mall food courts. Are we going to get more gay customers with this ad?”
“No idea, but it’s funny because it’s gay!”
“At the top of the ad, are you implying that ‘Scott’ the sandwich chef put his dick in the conveyor oven?”
“Not in so many words.”
“Won’t this alienate our more conservative customers?”
“Aw fuck them anyway. They’ll either not catch on to the double entendre, or it will piss them off. If it pisses them off, they’ll forever have Quiznos stuck in their head. And if they want a fucking sandwich, they’ll buy it from us, phallic symbolism and all. You’d have to have your food servers wear assless chaps to alienate someone hungry for a sandwich.”