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Bomb Squad Live @ Yacht Club 2010-04-01 – High Speed Hosting

[audio:http://www.cornwarning.com/xfer/BombSquad-Live@YachtClub-2010-04-01.mp3|artists=The Bomb Squad|titles=Live At The Yacht Club 2010-04-01]

The Bomb Squad made history in Iowa City, using the bully pulpit of their fame to bust the dubstep cherry of a couple hundred sweaty nutters in the Yacht Club’s brick-lined basement. They tweeted a link to a Mediafire download link, but I hate Mediafire, so I’m hosting it on cornwarning.com.

I’d love to see a track listing of this mix, but as far as I know that’s not how the Bomb Squad rolls. Also, if you were at the show, you’ll notice Keith’s hyping on the mic wasn’t part of the set recording…