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DJ Set from The Blue Moose 11/19/2011

[audio:http://cornwarning.com/chaircrusher/Chaircrusher-BlueMoose-2011-11-19-DJSet.mp3|artists=Chaircrusher|titles=Chaircrusher DJ Set @ Blue Moose 11/19/2011] http://cornwarning.com/chaircrusher/Chaircrusher-BlueMoose-2011-11-19-DJSet.mp3

This DJ Mix Brought to you by Wild Turkey, Bourbon of Champions.
I opened the night for Clancy, at the Blue Moose album release party for Iowania, Clancies new joint. You can listen/buy/download this on bandcamp here: http://iowania.bandcamp.com/. I did the mixing and mastering, and I’m a big believer in it.

I usually post a track list with my sets, but I’m too tired and have other stuff to do. So there’s some stuff you’ll recognize, some unreleased tracks from me & my friends, and a lot of tipsy effects tweaking. I selected the tracks by combining all the lower-bpm tracks from previous DJ sets, and I really like the sub-120-bpm territory.