Africans Musicians are Killing It

I get e-mails from Akwaaba Music and the latest linked to this DJ mix, Pan African Music Stew

I don’t like all the music in that mix, but skipping through it reminded me of this map showing the relative sizes of Africa vs other continents,which shows the truth: Africa is huge.

It’s also deep, musically.

Consider for example Just A Band from Kenya, who seamlessly integrate Detroit House beats, Daft Punk, R&B and Hip Hop. Those flammed backbeats kill me. Oh and they’re sort of a boy band. A completely badass African boy Band.

Or check this craziness from Angola, on the compilation Akwaaba Sem Transporte. If you’re following the latest dance music trends, this sounds like Chicago Footwork only with guys rapping over it in Portugese.

Vagabonda feat. CocaCola “Sucesso”[audio:|titles=Sucesso|artists=Vagabonda feat. CocaCola]

All I got to say is don’t forget about Africa when it comes to dance music. And a ton of it is for sale cheap on BandCamp.