Video of me interviewing Leslie Hall @ the Iowa State Fair!

Leslie Hall is, as far as I know, the biggest wacky internet sensation to ever come from the state of Iowa. Hanging out with Leslie at the Iowa State Fair was quite the experience. The woman who shot the video, Lisa Edwards, edited about 10 minutes of me chatting with Leslie to a pithy 30 seconds. Nicely done Lisa!

On the Leslie/video tip, I’m enamored of this song she did for her “Back 2 Back Palz” project:

What I write when I’m not posting here.

I didn’t post very often in the past month on this blog. As it happens, most of my writerly energies were being devoted to the Little Village Magazine blog and magazine. I wrote a couple of lengthy (for me) posts there that some who read this blog might find interesting:

I rant about recent changes to Iowa City
A multimedia extravaganza with sound and pictures of a show by some of my local favorite bands.
Grupo Fantasma show report, with audio of their complete set.
My review of the heartbreakingly adorable Tin Kite
My chin-stroker essay on the two classic 1970 Grateful Dead albums

I’ve done a bunch of other writing — some reviews, some A&E event previews — but those are the articles I’ve put the most work into lately…