KRUI Noise Radio 2013-10-12

Song Of September Apples
Song Of September Apples

Another semester, another Noise Radio Show. Comprising mostly tracks I’ve been sent, either by the producer themselves or label promos. Plus several of my own productions. Hope it hangs together for y’all.

[audio:|artists=Chaircrusher|titles=KRUI Noise Radio 2013/10/12]
Arthur RussellHow We Walk On The Moon (Youth Rerub)
Art BleekJune Gloom
DeflonGot To Give It Up Remix
KageLuna Twighlight
MekhaImmersion Reshape
ChaircrusherInner Marshlands
Omar SBe Yourself
Art BleekProcedure 678
CerebroTelevision Sky
Brian PrinceThe Accretion Disk
Omar STardigrade’
Omar SMoney In The D
Pittsburgh Track AuthorityOmar’s Here
ChaircrusherSong of September
BleupulpPanta V2
ChaircrusherBirthday Girl
Cut La RocDon’t Knock The Roc
BleupulpPanta V1
Brian KageNeoblue
ChaircrusherTosh Der Putz
ChaircrusherAleppo Chili
Kerr KnollWater World
MekhaComa (Emmerrichk Rmx)
Brian PrinceMis Mercury

4th of July DJ Mix: All FXHE, All The Time

Omar S is kind of a big deal these days. A mix CD for Fabric, gigs in the UK and Europe. But this is a guy who has stayed independent, and done his own thing his own way. I was completely blown away by his afternoon DJ set in Greektown this year during DEMF, so when I got home I went to the FXHE site and bought all the MP3s he offers and some vinyl as well.

Turns out when you order stuff from FXHE, you have to exchange e-mails with Alex himself, which is kinda cool. Great guy, too — he ended up sending me more MP3s than I actually ordered.

So in honor of Independence Day, I give you an all-FXHE mix.


  1. Luke Hess “Motor Dub”
  2. Marcellus Pittman “Obsession”
  3. Oasis “1”
  4. Omar S “6600 3”
  5. Luke Hess “Sacred”
  6. Oasis “3”
  7. Omar S “Always There”
  8. Omar S “Bladerunner”
  9. Omar S “Congolese”
  10. Omar S “Foe Show”
  11. Omar S “Give It To Me”
  12. Omar S “Groove On”
  13. Omar S “Morning Drive”
  14. Luke Hess “Real To Real”
  15. Oasis “13”
  16. Omar S “AM Mix”
  17. Omar S “Just Ask The Lonely”
  18. Omar S “Obsession”
  19. Omar S “Out Of Control”
  20. Omar S “The Maker”
  21. Omar S “Set It Out”
  22. Omar S “The Grandson of Detroit Techno”
  23. Omar S “Turn And Walk Away”
Omar S at the Max Powers Rooftop Party Memorial Day Weekend 2009
Omar S at the Max Powers Rooftop Party Memorial Day Weekend 2009