Pansonic “Gravitoni”

I’ve never been a heavy metal fan per se. My education in the art of metal comes second hand from having local musician friends who play in metal bands. Don’t know if it still happens but Gabe’s used to have regular metal DJ nights when it was The Picador, and I always got waylaid when I was attending shows upstairs for a half hour to check out what John of The Horde was spinning.

So while I’m not an appreciator of the finer points of Metal, I have some experience with the sonic qualities of it that make it appealing.

Which brings me to Pan Sonic’s new album “Gravitoni,” which I bought the same day as Autechre’s “Move of Ten” and actually listened to more. As was noted in Boomkat’s write-up, Pan Sonic sounds a lot like Black Metal, but without the cultural claptrap associated with that genre. I know my metal-head friends would definitely dig Gravitoni, but I think that Vainio and Väisänen converged with Black Metal’s sonic vocabulary from a different direction. Their launch-pad was Techno and Rave, but they’ve taken their own path always, never compromising.

This is supposed to be the final Pan Sonic release. I hope that individually they continue to make great music.

Pan Sonic “Corona” [audio:]