Is Boomkat’s “Also bought” Algorithm a bit too on the nose?

I spend more time than is probably healthy (financially or otherwise) exploring new music on Boomkat. They seem to have fairly no-bullshit reviews for music, and they seem intent on hyping things they actually like, for actual musical reasons. As opposed to a site like Beatport, who seem to hype stuff based on who has the best cocaine this week.

I know, totally unfair dig, but a visit to Beatport conjures visions of Guidos in fake Hermes sunglasses bro-hugging each other in the DJ booth at WMC, and a visit to Boomkat makes you feel like you’ve been cornered by a scruffy British college student chain-smoking rollies, drinking tea out of a paper cup, telling you how mental the latest Pinch dub plate is in a thick Mancunian drawl.

But the recommendations they make based on the release you’re currently looking at seem a bit weird. I mean if I look at Appleblim and Peverelist “Over here” remixes, the “also bought” column contains 12 releases out of 21 that I’ve bought myself. And looking through the ones I’ve not bought, at least 5 or 6 others I’d probably buy if money was no object.

This seems strange to me — could there be some grouping of Boomkat customers out there whose taste is that closely aligned with my own? Or is Boomkat’s algorithm somehow just reflecting back to me what I’ve already bought, along with a bunch of roughly similar releases?

I’d like to think that I’m genuinely part of some phantom cohort of people who really like dub techno, house music, and dubstep without the wibby-wubby basslines. I’d like to meet up with them, preferably at a club with a good sound system in Brixton.

Martyn: Tall, Dutch, & Dubsteppy