KRUI Radio DJ Set 2012-03-03

This mix was delayed in posting to the blog because…I forgot it. It reflects some of my recent obsessions, including the new Burial EP Kindred which seems to reflect my mood right now in ways I can’t explain. It also is a bit more tilted towards techno than my mixes have been recently, because there’s a lot of good techno coming out. There’s also a lot of stuff that is roughly house and/or techno but comes from producers who a few years ago were thought of as Dubstep artists. But as Peter Kirn pointed out, there’s Dubstep and there’s “Dubstep” and no one who’s serious about good music wants to have anything to do with the latter.

[audio:|titles=2013-03-03 Chaircrusher KRUI DJ Set|artists=Chaircrusher]
Tim Hecker No Drums
Synkro Questions
Burial Kindred
Burial Loner
Burial Ashtray Wasp
Ital Hive Mind
Ital First Wave
Storm Queen It Goes On
Artu & Jerry the Cat Nuclear Funk
Octo Octa Shower Nights Second Chance Mix
Octo Octa Forced Nature
Knowing Looks Listen to my 45
Fluxion Motion 1
Object Cactus
George Fitzgerald Feels Like
Aril Brikha Palma
Gerd Palm Leaves
Mr Fingers Afropsychojungledub Mix
Skudge Pollution
Mike Huckaby The Tresor Track
Chaircrusher People People
Headhunter Clone
Daega Let It All Go
Holy Other With U
Pole Aue