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VCVRackTutorial: Using modulated delay times in VCV Rack

This is a method of patching and modulating delays I find so compelling I felt moved to write about it. This is all done in the software modular system VCVRack, and assumes you have a basic working knowledge of it. It involves the VCV Router plugin, which is non-free plugin from the makers of VCV […]

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Ableton Live — a Different Way to Swing.

I’m doing two posts in one day after months of silence? This just occured to me; I had to share. 1. Get a clip loaded. MIDI or whatever. 2. Click on the Groove hot-swap icon, and choose any groove: 3. Set Timing, Random, and Velocity in the Groove. 4. Set ‘Base’ to 16T. 5. Tweak […]