KRUI Noise Radio 2014-05-03

This is the last Noise Radio show of the Spring 2014 Semester. After a break, Vince Woolums will be back for the summer, and we aren’t sure what’s up for the fall. As Vince & Mike & I get busy, we’re having trouble finding other guests to help cover Saturday nights. It’s a tough time to have a radio show if you go out Saturday nights.

But anyhow, this show is a bunch of different tracks I’ve found over the past few months, though it’s almost all in the straight-up Techno and House vein, moreso than my other mixes. Enjoy!

[audio:|titles=Noise Radio 2014-05-03,artists=chaircrusher]
Mikkel Mayer Oh Jolly Good
TM404 303303303606606606
Dreissk The Rising Tide
Muziq Ritm
Soho Hot Music
Armeria Not The Same (Taneli Rmx)
Mobb Deep Shook Ones Pt. II ( Rennie Foster Mobbin Deep Mix)
Dens & Pika Vomee
Mikkel Mayer Clap Your Hands
Delano Smith Trans
Boo Williams Real Tekno
Mikkel Mayer Rosie
Disco Nihilist Late Nights
Colin McNeal Astounding Science Fiction
DJ Cheeze Afro Fever
Jon Margulies Good Religion (Dub Mix)
Aybee Landing
Boo Williams Joy Ride
Maurice This Is Acid
Davor O. Out Of Reach
Skudge Inversion
Hieroglyphic Being Letters From The Edge
Submission Women Beat Their Men (Cevin’s Peak Hour Dub)
Chaircrusher Aurora
Justin Maxwell The Grind
XAmiga Kermit’s Day Out
Disco Nihilist Money Doesn’t Matter 2 Night
Andrew Duke Geisha (Claude Young RMX)
Randolph Earth 2 God (Mike Banks Remix)
Skudge Surface
Chaircrusher 2014-03-15
Yarinka Calucci Hot
K Larm & J Ranine Over The Space
Basic Channel Phylyps Track 1