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DJ Mix: Autechre Retrospective

In the process of writing my review of Oversteps today, I listen to bits and pieces of the entire Autechre discography. Maybe it was because I was trying to listen critically to Oversteps, but something about Autechre clicked in my head in a way it maybe hadn’t before. There are times when they’re experimenting and doing crazy messy stuff with the beats, but a lot of the time they’re trying to synthesize their own kind of funkiness. Moody, autistic broken robot funk maybe, but funk nonetheless.

So I pulled together all my Autechre CDs and downloads and tried to select something from every release that spoke to me as a compelling piece, and then started trying to arrange them together in a way that made rhythmic sense and had some flow. You’ll be the judge of whether I managed to pull it off, but it was really fun trying. I had to go from 75BPM to 167BPM in a little over the hour — by the time I got to ‘Sublimit’ I went crazy with the effects, so it’s kind of an ad hoc remix/hit job.

I think I hit every release aside from their remixes and odd stuff like the Hafler Trio collaboration.

If you don’t like Autechre at all I don’t think I’m necessarily going to change your mind about them. But if you have any interest, give a listen.


Second PengAnvil Vapre
TeweChiastic Slide
ChatterArtificial Intelligence 2
V-ProcDraft 7:30
d-sho qubOversteps
SurripereDraft 7.30
EutowTri Repetae++
BcdtmxBassCad EP
DialGantz Graf

Picture is by Alice Rosenbaum and I straight up jacked it without permission.

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This is super cool Kent. I’ve heard bits and pieces of Autchre in the past, and was sometimes intrigued and other times annoyed, but I’m really enjoying this . It’s as good an introduction as I could have hoped for.

really cool Kent.. thx. had to look through my downloads to know where I got this great autechre mix from! :D cheers!

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