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About this whole conservative “Teabagging Obama” business

Dear reactionary jerks. Before you start spouting about ‘Teabagging Obama’ at your Tea Parties, you should watch this clip from John Waters’ movie “Pecker”:

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A Critique Of Pure Jargon

As regards My post about Micachu, a friend wrote to me: not intended to be sarcastic at your expense. I went through your review and xxxed out all words that either conveyed nothing to me (in my ignorance; like i know who matthew herbert is but not what that implies abotu how the album would […]


The Joy Formidable’s Entire New Album For Free

The Joy Formidable’s Entire New Album For Free on NME.COM I’ve been reading about these guys on Idolator, and I reallly think they’re a wonderful band.  They have that neo-Shoegazer thing going on, but they also write interesting songs and perform them with great verve and charm.  I’d say right up the alley of anyone […]