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KRUI Noise Radio 2013-10-12

Audio & Track List from my 2012-10-12 KRUI Noise Radio Show

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2012-11-17 Chaircrusher DJ set.

So this was a vinyl mix, which means it isn’t as perfect with respect to mixing as my Ableton Live sets. It’s more fun, and scarier, actually, and track ordering is more spontaneous. I did a few level adjustments and cut out the skips at the end of Mercedes Boy, but other than that it’s […]

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KRUI DJ Set 2011-10-08

I put out a call for unreleased/promo/advance music to include in this radio show back in September. The response wasn’t overwhelming but I got a few nice tracks from friends and acquaintances, and a rare opportunity to pick and choose among the unreleased music of my friends from Pittsburgh – Shawn Rudiman and Pittsburgh Track […]