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KRUI Noise Radio 2013-03-02

So it’s been a bit since I did a radio show, so I have a backlog of new stuff to work through. New Burial, Autechre, My Bloody Valentine, Alex Under, Ron Trent, Terrace, and of course Chaircrusher…. [audio:|titles=2013-03-02 KRUI Noise Radio|artists=chaircrusher] My Bloody Valentine Who Sees You Autechre Bladelores Alex Under Bola 7 Alex […]

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2011-10-22 KRUI DJ Set

Sean Deason NCW The Black Dog This mix is focused pretty tightly on a couple of upcoming releases – Elements Volume 3 by Sean Deason, and Panther Veil By NCW — and the very recent release by The Black Dog, LIBER DOGMA. It’s also one of the few mixes I’ve done that focuses on Techno […]


Cornwarning Free Digital Release “Sergeant Ridiculous EP”

The “Sergeant Ridiculous EP” is two new Chaircrusher tracks, with remixes by Sean Deason, Mike Perkowitz, Dave Powers, Chris O’Grady, and Andrew Duke. Go here for audio previews and downloads.