Sergeant Ridiculous EP

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The title track’s name is not a comment on soldiers or the military. Rather, it reminded me a bit of the work of my friend Stefan Robbers. Stefan has producer alii that use his initials, like Sierra Romeo. Hence “Sergeant Ridiculous.” The track “Major Minor” came out of the same January 2009 sessions.

I feel lucky that five very talented producers have contributed remixes. Each seems to have focused on different elements in the original tracks and taken them in different directions. If you want to try your hand at a remix, you can download the sample stems + an Ableton Live 8 project here.

Zip File of entire release here.

Chaircrusher “Sergeant Ridiculous” Download

Chaircrusher “Major Minor” Download

“Sergeant Ridiculous” Andrew Duke Remix Download

“Sergeant Ridiculous” Chris O’Grady Remix Download

“Sergeant Ridiculous” Dave Powers Remix Download

“Sergeant Ridiculous” Mike Perkowitz Remix Download

“Sergeant Ridiculous” Sean Deason Remix Download

The image above is originally a photograph by Mike Perkowitz. Distortions and additions are Chaircrusher’s fault.

Creative Commons License
Sergeant Ridiculous EP by Chaircrusher Et Al is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. Which means you can make any non-commercial use of these tracks, as long as you attribute the source. Using these tracks in DJ performances for pay is also permitted and encouraged — if you play it, say it! Commercial use — for commercially sold mix CDs, Film, TV, and Advertisements — requires prior written consent.

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