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Sometimes you try something and it’s accidentally kinda compelling. The setup was Volca Beats Volca Keys Jupiter 6 Meeblip Anode Eventide UltraVerb on one send Audiodamage Dubstation16 on the second send. This is straight up tracky. It’s live mixing/tweaking. I actually added effects and the anode while recording. There’s minimal EQ-ing on the Volca Keys […]

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Getting a good Korg Volca{Beats,Keys,Bass} AC Power Adapter

I’m sure I’m not the only person who got their new Korg Volca thing home only to discover that the power jack doesn’t fit any of the AC adapters you have laying around. This is annoying. I for one have a box with about 30 different power adapters to check through. But I have found […]